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May 18, 2011 / carruthersfritze

Welcome to Apartment 62

Following a sophomore school year that can best be described as the explorations of TaleSpin’s Baloo through a Widespread concert, I sit alone and awake in my apartment just off of Milledge Avenue. I’m seeking someone to talk to, but there are no roommates to be found and all sorority girls are with guys who don’t often misplace their minds. I’m trying to remember exactly what my parents asked me to do this week, but they’re a state away and consumed with their own problems. I look for hope for the rest of the my time in college; and while it may be easy to expect gargantuan shenanigans, no great work or mistake can be appropriately predicted from afar (and no great moment should be). And so I sit here. A college football enthusiast, a life-long Georgia Bulldog fan, a lanky white kid from South Carolina. A person with too much to say.

My passion for sports dates back to my first word, “Ball”. I then grew up in the wide world of sports with my father pushing me towards his school, the University of Georgia, which I followed ravenously. I have yet to graduate from the fine Athens institution, I have a terrible knack for telling people how much I don’t like them, I’m in between girlfriends, and my English professor last semester refered to my written voice as “unnecessarily unnecessary”. Consider this your warning that very little good can come from my ideas and works. Enjoy.